Letter of the Law is an elite provider of content marketing for attorneys.


Your efforts should be focused on serving your clients, while your website and blog work around the clock to improve your traffic and bring you clients.

That’s where we come in, providing SEO-infused content in the form of website content, articles, blogs, and e-books specifically aligned with your firm’s practice.

There are numerous benefits to content marketing for attorneys and law firms, including:

  • Higher rankings in organic searches for relevant keywords that your clients use to find you

  • Establishment as a thought leader in your practice areas

  • Your blog and website are working 24/7 to help clients find you when they need you most 

  • Question-oriented blogs help clients find you from their computer, phone, or tablet

  • Campaigns that are aligned with your practice areas and specialties bring clients to your door

  • Content marketing campaigns are more effective and less expensive than old-fashioned advertising methods that no longer get the traction they used to (like the YellowPages) 

  • Using data analytics, you can tell who is visiting your site and how they got there, allowing you to tailor content to your needs

  • 80-86% of people now hit the internet as their primary resource for researching goods and services before they commit

  • Research suggests that people spend between 5-6 hours online a day, with mobile app usage becoming increasingly more popular.


For samples of content relating specifically to your firm’s practice area or to learn more, please don't hesitate to contact me here. Alternatively, you can reach me at (240) 686-5547.