Three Questions to Ask Your Legal SEO Content Writer Before Working Together

If you've made the decision to hire a legal SEO content writer, congratulations, as it can be an excellent opportunity for you to grow your business and focus on what's truly important while also knowing that your content writing goals are being achieved. If you're hiring a legal blogger, however, you need to carefully vet this individual before deciding to work together.

As attorneys are notoriously particular about what needs to be published, both for their own reasons and for reasons of compliance with the state bar ethics commissions, it is imperative to make sure you select the right individual. Read on to learn more about three questions you need to ask in advance.


How Much Industry Knowledge Do You Have?

You want to make sure that you work with someone who has a fair amount of legal knowledge in their background. This does not mean that you need to hire another attorney. In fact, I strongly recommend against hiring another attorney especially if this person is still practicing law and could actually be a competitor of yours. To be honest, many attorneys struggle to write SEO-worthy content, too. Attorneys are often very skilled in terms of writing content for judges and courtrooms, but SEO requires specific knowledge.

Don’t waste your time with a writer who does not understand the legal landscape.


Ask What Guarantee is Offered, if Any

Most people will not guarantee that their pieces of content will garner you a particular amount of clients. Attorneys won't be unfamiliar with this as they are not allowed to guarantee you results either. However, you do want to make sure that the content you receive is original.

Having duplicate content can be extremely negative for your brand's image as well as for your search engine ranking. It's a good idea to partner with someone who guarantees, for example, that your content will be original and not plagiarized. Furthermore, you want peace of mind in knowing that this person has not worked with or is currently working for any of your competitors. It would be a conflict of interest, for example, to be working for two different estate planning law firms within the same city or even the same state. It's perfectly reasonable to ask general details about any other law firms the content writer is working with. An experienced legal SEO content writer and blogger will be upfront with you if they believe they are working for one of your competitors.


What Is Your Research Process?

While every attorney knows that laws vary from state to state, someone who thinks they can simply make a quick buck as a legal SEO content writer might be under the assumption that it's okay to pull up resources from Texas to write a blog about someone accused of a crime in Oklahoma. While it makes perfect sense to an attorney that this would never be an appropriate resource for an Oklahoma lawyer, a new content writer who doesn't understand the nuances of legal writing might make this mistake and could cause you significantly. Your legal content writer should be willing to research the rules of your specific state as well as the specific language. A great example of this is that some states use the term alimony while others use spousal support, much like some call driving under the influence, driving while under the influence. These small matters are critical because they are crucial for your search engine words. Someone living in a state that uses the term alimony, for example, is probably not going to find you using the search term spousal support. This is why you need to have a legal SEO content blogger who is committed to doing the research ahead of time to determine what is actually appropriate for your law firm.

Asking these three questions can help you separate the experienced legal SEO content writers from those who simply don't know what they're doing. Spending time and paying somebody to write content for you that is unusable because it's plagiarized or not factually accurate could become extremely problematic for you. Save yourself the time and the hassle by hiring a knowledgeable writer you can trust.