Why It's Important to Be Posting Regularly as a Law Firm

If there is one major mistake that I see plenty of law firms making with their content marketing efforts, it's in not blogging regularly. This can be a huge mistake as it can actually be worse to start off on a blogging venture and then disappear a couple of months later, making it look as though you haven’t updated your website in six months or longer.

Unfortunately, we tend to come across these legal websites often and it is a sign that the content marketing company that was working for the law firm did not provide the quality and consistency that the firm was looking for or that the firm has tried to manage everything in-house and was unsuccessful at keeping up with the pace of doing so. If this describes your law firm, you are certainly not alone. Plenty of law firms have attorneys, marketing managers and other support staff who are already busy with their day to day tasks.

Why Most Law Firms Lose Interest in Posting Regularly

It might seem exciting to take on the prospect of legal marketing early on, but if you are not able to keep up with the consistency of putting out at least one blog every single week, you are going to fall behind in the search engine rankings relatively quickly. Furthermore, you might even look unprofessional to your potential clients when you have a website that hasn’t been updated in some time. This is one of the leading reasons that many law firms turn to me as their legal SEO writer. They would have tried things on their own and been unsuccessful or found that other companies simply take too generic an approach, are too expensive or too cheap to be able to deliver content at a standard that the law firm is looking for.

Writing for legal is different when compared to writing for other industries. A legal SEO writer should be knowledgeable about the legal landscape, understand what can and cannot be said, as well as the target audience. Those looking for an attorney are more than likely going through complicated legal issues or seeking effective and knowledgeable answers from a professional as they contemplate doing something new in their life, for example, getting married, starting a business, or any other of the many reasons why a client may visit an attorney. The content marketing on your law website should communicate this, but it should also be in conjunction with regularly posted blogs.

Where Static Content and Blogs Work Together

Most law firms make use of static web content in one form or another and this is one piece of the puzzle when it comes to marketing your law firm. Static web content refers to your practice area pages, your contact page, and the content written on your home page. One other way to make the most out of your content marketing and truly the way to do it in the most effective manner for search engine optimized legal marketing is to have a blog that is regularly updated. This is why I strongly recommend that a law firm start with a realistic blog posting schedule so that they can stick with it. It's much easier to commit to posting one blog every week than saying that you are going to post five times a day. If you find that you are not able to keep up with this schedule or that the person who planned to take it over simply no longer has the bandwidth, interest or time, this is your opportunity to outsource the content writing to a legal SEO writer.

A professional writer can analyze your website, talk to you about the profile of clients who frequently come to your business, and determine a content marketing strategy that is well aligned with what you hope to achieve. Posting regularly has numerous benefits. First of all, it helps to increase your rankings in search engine results. Furthermore, it allows you to have a regularly updated web presence that telegraphs that you care about your clients as well as the information you share. It also goes to establishing credibility as laws and regulations are often changing and your website may be the first opportunity for a potential client to see this. If you have been inconsistent with your blogging in the past, now is the time for a content audit and to determine whether working with a legal SEO writer could help you get over this obstacle.