How to Write Better Headlines for Your Legal Content Marketing

The headline is everything in content marketing. One of the most popular sayings in the world of content marketing is that content is king. Even in the age of Facebook live and Snapchat, content marketing in the form of written text is extremely important for attorneys. This is because Google loves websites that have regularly updated high-quality content on them. It's important to get people to read that content, however, and that all begins with choosing the right headline.

What A Good Headline Does For Your Law Firm

Your ideal headlines should drive traffic, encourage shares, and improve your search engine results. Your title needs to be click-worthy, meaning that it covers the topic that is written about in the article but also entices individuals to click it open to begin with.

The right headline can convert a briefly interested person into a full article reader. It’s important to walk the fine line between writing a clickbait title just to get someone to click and finding a title that captures attention while also appropriately previewing what’s in the article itself.

Writing amazing headlines begins with understanding your keywords. The most common types of headlines that convert include:

  • Questions
  • How-tos
  • Lists

Tips And Tricks For Better Headlines For Your Law Firm Blog

One of my favorite ways to analyze headlines is to first begin with a keyword research strategy that aligns with the individual law firm's practice area pages as well as what is trending currently. For example, when Pokémon Go was extremely popular, it made the most sense to write about distracted driving studies and Pokémon Go. Crafting the right headline, however, can be accomplished using a tool like CoSchedule's headline analyzer.

Thankfully, CoSchedule's headline analyzer is free and it works relatively easily. As an example, for this blog post, I entered the term "preventing distracted driving". This headline is relatively basic and only incorporates a couple of words but it only got a headline score of 44. This meant that it was a generic headline. However, when I tweaked that based on CoSchedule's response and changed it to "five ways to prevent distracted driving", my score immediately got boosted to 71. You can continue to use the recommendations made inside CoSchedule's headline analyzer to determine the type of words to use, the structure and the best way to craft your headlines so that it increases your chances of getting the article opened to begin with. This headline analyzing strategy is powerful for email newsletters, blog posts, social media shares, and any other type of content that you wish to create.  

Here are some examples of great potential headlines for your legal content marketing efforts:

  • How to _______________ After _____________________
  • 5 Reasons You Should _________________________
  • Top Mistakes People Make When ________________________
  • Why You Should Never _____________________________________


What headline on your legal blog is performing the best for you?