How to Increase Your Law Firm's Client Base with Search Engine Optimization


Attorneys have to deal with serious competition online. Technical barriers associated with marketing and the changing moods of consumer shopping behavior - this only highlights the need to infuse search engine optimization planning into your business. As a law firm, it is extremely important that people be able to find you in their moment need.

Many people are turning to Google in order to search for an attorney in their local area. This usually begins with a keyword search entered into a search engine like Google. You need to understand how your potential clientele think and the information they enter into search engines because this can help drive them directly to your website.

Search engine optimization and content marketing strategy work together in order to increase the chances that your website is listed as one of the most popular sites on Google, when these potential clients enter the keywords into Google, but the right content marketing strategy can also help people stay on your website and prompt them to take action by hiring or contacting you right away.

Up to 60% and 80% of searchers online use Google, which is why it is important to understand how to align your website properly for Google. It is extremely important, however, for lawyers in this space to be knowledgeable about the best way to represent their firms online. Unfortunately, however, state bar associations may step in to respond to allegedly unscrupulous actions even in the situation where you outsource content marketing or search engine optimization to another company that simply didn’t know better.

The truth is that the legal marketing industry is quite different from other industries as there are ethical rules and general guidelines that need to be followed when you engage in search engine optimization strategy.

You need to hire a legal SEO writer who has a knowledgeable background in this field and understands the state by state rules as well as the things that can and cannot be said within your content marketing strategies. The first step is to conduct the necessary keyword research to identify the words and phrases that you intend to target directly on your website.

Having excellent static landing pages in the form of your practice area pages, your contact page, your about page and your home page are all important, but it is equally important to have dynamic material posted on a regular basis to your blog. You have to be extremely careful posting this material to your blog, however. There are several things that many content writers who do not have a background in the legal industry do when they get their first attorney or law firm client. Unfortunately, these mistakes could cost you as the law firm significantly in the event that the state bar association finds out.

Some of the marketing tactics regularly engaged in by SEO content writers outside of the legal industry may work well for other businesses, but they simply do not apply in the legal world. Properly vetting your legal SEO writer is the first step towards identifying the right strategy for you.