These Are the Big SEO Mistakes Your Law Firm Should Avoid Making

A law firm website should always be visible to the search engines as well as to your ideal clients. Thinking about SEO any time that you add content to your site can go a long way towards helping you get the traction and traffic that you want. Any content posted on your site should be serving two purposes.

Telling the search engines that you update your site regularly with quality content is one of them. The other is by communicating directly with your ideal clients about the benefits of working with your law firm, you can position your website and your corresponding blog and social media channels to illustrate that you are very familiar with the practice areas that you are taking clients for.

Any law firm website that is invisible to a search engine like Google will never perform well when compared with other law firms. The landscape for marketing online has become increasingly competitive for law firms and that is why it is imperative to have a comprehensive SEO marketing strategy and one that accomplishes all goals at once. Some of the biggest mistakes made for a law firm website include;

Lack of Content

Not adding relevant and regular content to your website is a classic mistake and one that frequently occurs because someone in the firm will take on their responsibility for adding content and then be unable to keep up with it. Posting at least 2-3 articles every single week tells the search engines and your potential clients that you are knowledgeable about these topics.

No Incoming and Outgoing Links

Having links that serve both purposes on your website such as linking to a high authority website sharing details about a government study or news story and having other people who link to you is imperative for the best SEO result.

Make sure you link to other relevant pages on your law firm's website in addition to linking to the outbound pages to back up what you're writing. Criminal statutes, research studies, and other high-authority sites only help to bolster your site. 

Finding That It’s Too Hard to Update Your Website

Any content management system that allows easy access is strongly recommended for your law firm website. There are many different types but the most important thing is you can do is make your site relatively easy to update. If your site is difficult to update, you will never log in and ignore the website altogether. That's allowing it to plummet in search engine rankings.

If you have to email someone every time you need to make a change, it’s time to reconsider your approach. Using a tool like WordPress allows you and your designers to make prompt changes and post blogs regularly. You’ll find that your SEO benefits increase immediately after finding a platform where you can make updates or assign that job to someone on your team.

Not Using Keywords Properly

Performing keyword research should be an important component of your online marketing strategy. You need to understand the terms that people are searching for and your ability to rank for these competitively in your local area. Do not use your own instincts to determine what keywords you'll use on your site. You need a law firm SEO blog that is geared directly towards the keywords people are already looking for.

Avoiding these mistakes can help your site gain more visibility and also lead to conversions and interested clients when they land on the site.