Do Spelling Mistakes Really Hurt a Law Firm?

Do Spelling Mistakes Really Hurt a Law Firm?.png

Every so often, while clicking through a law firm’s website to review their user journey and establish their content posting schedule, I’ll find a spelling mistake.

The truth is everyone makes mistakes - writers included. Good writers and editors, however, do everything they can to limit these and how well they do makes a big difference. Law firms must present a professional image to the public at all times. It’s often a high bar to meet, both in terms of your state bar association, but also from the perspective of potential clients who find you online.

Spelling mistakes, especially if spotted in multiple places on your law firm’s blog, could cost you clients. The worst part? You might not even know that’s the reason.

Having a blog or a website content can be overwhelming for a law firm in which the primary partners and marketing managers are busy with other tasks. Spelling mistakes might easily slip through on a number of different types of marketing materials including blog posts, newsletters, static web content and more.

These mistakes might not seem like a big deal as everyone is prone to typos, however, as a lawyer or a law firm, people often refer to these businesses as high-level companies that are expected to deliver top quality products. This means that a spelling mistake could really hurt your law firm in terms of your content marketing strategy because people might assume that you don't have the time or the care to fix it.


Use Outside Help from a Legal Blog/Content Writer to Avoid Typos

Having an experienced legal SEO content writer or copywriter on staff to ensure that things are crafted correctly not only for spelling purposes but also for grammar can minimize your chances of an embarrassing spelling mistake or other problem. Remember that people will often point out spelling mistakes and typos to you. You can expect to see these comments on your blog or directly in your email.

It is extremely important to have blogging and other materials legally accurate as well as grammatically accurate to minimize these chances and also to showcase your firm's experience and expertise in the marketplace. It might seem like a minor issue but spelling issues can be very detrimental to your law firm. People are often looking for detail-oriented attorneys for overall representation. People are also aware that attorneys put together legal briefs and other documentation that needs to be filed with the court- all of which I know you already go to painstaking lengths to verify before you file.

Mistakes on these materials are probably less likely because you will have people in your firm reviewing everything carefully but if you are blogging and not thinking twice about correcting the grammar or the spelling, this could expose you to serious problems, complaints and even shut off business opportunities for you. Talking to an experienced content writer and editor is extremely valuable for ensuring that you have everything in order for your firm’s legal blog.