Is Legal Marketing Online Too Competitive These Days?

Is Legal Marketing Online Too Competitive These Days?.png

Understanding legal marketing in 2017 and 2018 is extremely important for any law firm that intends to make a splash, garner more clients, establish themselves as a thought leader and develop a continuous marketing arm of their firm.

Typically, the marketing that you engage in online for your law firm is tailored directly to your specific clientele. This can be an individual person, company or practice area that you wish to promote.

A bigger corporate firm, for example, will use marketing products designed to target corporate leaders and business professionals. However, a family law firm will look to answer the questions most commonly raised by people facing family concerns.

With more than 1.1 million lawyers licensed all over the country and many thousands of new lawyers passing the bar exam and joining the market every year, it is important for law firms to critically evaluate their marketing techniques. Successful law firms marketing their services online are using innovative new techniques to focus on brand recognition.

The most frequently-used and beneficial social media platform for lawyers is currently LinkedIn. A recent ABA legal technology survey report showed that up to 57% of law firms have a regular presence on the platform. A further 21% of firms make use of Twitter and 35% make use of Facebook. These platforms provide an excellent way to share more of your content and to reach new clients.

Having a web presence and one that is regularly updated and tailored for search engine optimization is extremely important. In fact, 70% of all companies that have a powerful web presence generate new cases and customers directly from their website. Using SEO content written by an experienced legal SEO writer allows law firms to attract individuals who are seeking out a very particular service, in a very specific location. Social media can also help to drive potential new clients to your website.

Up to 74% of people who land on a law firm's website ultimately reach out to the site and take action, making it more important than ever that you have a comprehensive content marketing strategy and one that is designed directly to target your ideal clientele.

Having a well-written website that is regularly updated with legal blog content enables you to reach higher search engine rankings on Google and a great website design and meaningful content that is helpful to the user while also establishing your expertise helps to encourage that potential client to pick up the phone and schedule a consultation.

While paid advertising is getting more competitive for attorneys, there is no substitute for high-quality content posted on your website on a regular basis. Engaging the services of a legal SEO blog writer will help you get there.