The Length of Content Matters for Legal Content Marketing Purposes

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Establishing a blog or a regular newsfeed update for your law firm is a worthwhile endeavor if you intend to be consistent and post high-quality materials often.

However, one common question I get from legal SEO blogging clients is whether or not the length of the blog makes a difference.

The truth is that it depends on how competitive your market is and how often you intend to be posting.

If you are only going to post the blog once or twice a week, longer tends to be better. Best practices here indicate lengthy posts filled with value of around 1,000 words or more.

In comparison, someone who is posting five times a week can get away with shorter posts that encompass a variety of different keywords because this will signal to Google and other search engines that the law firm is consistently writing about the topics most relevant to the firm's target audience.

I don’t recommend posting blogs that are any less than 300 words because these tend not to get as much traction.

While shorter blogs can be more appropriate in certain situations such as a brief news update about a change in a law, the more that you can incorporate these materials into longer blogs that are published more consistently, the better results that you will see.

Most law firms that are starting off in the content marketing process will consider the benefits of outsourcing to a freelance writer. For someone who is not familiar with the legal marketing landscape, this can be a wise decision to help keep tasks off the lawyer's plate and other employees at the firm while still ensuring that content marketing gets done.

Furthermore, choosing the right content writer to outsource to gives you the peace of mind that things are being written accurately and appropriately and will enable you to capitalize on best practices in the legal marketing field.

Finding the right person to manage your legal content marketing strategy is vital- I can help! With five years of full-experience creating and managing content and an average client retention rate of 15 months, you can count on my expertise.