What Is Audience-Focused Legal Content Marketing?


Using any type of marketing materials for your law firm based on the written word, such as a pamphlet, an e-book, a blog or updates shared on social media requires thinking about the style and tone of every piece that you send.

As a legal SEO content writer, one of the most common complaints I hear from clients is that their past writer simply didn't understand the tone they were trying to convey.

Writing for legal is a tricky situation because it requires advanced research skills to figure out the exact laws and terminology that applies, while also speaking directly to a lay audience.

Audience-focused legal content marketing is driven by providing valuable and accurate information with an underlying tone that empathizes with the reader. Most people who are in the position of hiring an attorney are doing so because of a pending legal crisis and personal injury. Those readers may be looking for someone to help them after a catastrophic accident.

Someone managing an estate planning dispute will want prompt action from an experienced attorney to help them navigate the complexities of the probate system in their state. Someone accused of a crime needs someone ready to step in to protect their rights immediately.

In all of these situations, while the practice areas may be different, the underlying goal is the same; to present a tone that identifies with the reader at his or her time of need, while also sharing the professionalism and expertise offered by the law firm.

This is a careful balance that should always be struck by a legal content marketer.