Content Marketing 101 For Lawyers: The Power of The FAQ Page

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You definitely need a blog. You also need dynamic website content that draws in your ideal clients. However, you can't overlook one of the most important components of law firm marketing today, which is the all-powerful frequently asked questions page.

Imagine it from your own perspective; when you sit down at your computer or are on your phone, there's a good chance that you're looking for a solution or an answer to a very specific question. Your clients are no different, and that is why the frequently asked questions page has become one of the most important and most popular pages in law firm content marketing today.

A frequently asked questions page is an excellent hub to use for your law firm.


How to Write a Law Firm FAQ Page Properly

You can address 10 or 20 commonly asked questions related to a particular practice area, and then you can link out to more comprehensive answers to each of those individual concerns.

For example, a frequently asked questions page for bankruptcy law might include concerns such as:

  • What is Chapter 7 bankruptcy?
  • What is Chapter 13 bankruptcy?
  • How do I qualify for Chapter 7 bankruptcy?
  • What are the exemptions available to me in bankruptcy?
  • Can creditors still harass me after I file for bankruptcy?
  • What property can I keep after filing for bankruptcy?
  • What is a Chapter 13 repayment plan, and how does it work?

All of these various questions are the ones that your client will probably come to you anyway. This gives you an opportunity to showcase your experience and knowledge of the state and federal laws surrounding a particular practice area.

You will only need to answer in one paragraph or less, but this information can be very valuable to the search engines as well as to your prospective clients.

It also gives the opportunity for you to build links within your website. For example, a one paragraph brief answer about a Chapter 13 repayment plan might link to a blog on your site about how long a repayment plan lasts in Chapter 13 bankruptcy, or it can link to a more in-depth explanation in answer to that particular question.

This overall builds the authority of your site, while telegraphing to your ideal customers that you have extensive experience in this field.

The frequently asked questions page may end up being one of the most visited pages on your website and should therefore be included in an audit and regular review process.