How to Handle Duplicate Content on Your Law Firm's Website

How to Handle Duplicate Content on Your Law Firm's Website.png

You may not have even been the one who discovered the duplicate content on your law firm's website, but you know the potential consequences. Duplicate content refers to pieces of content, either on your blog or your website that are directly copied and pasted from someone else's materials.

This is extremely detrimental to your law firm, because Google classifies duplicate content directly as plagiarism. You could have duplicate content on your website and not even be aware of it, but trust me, Google knows.

In addition to being flagged by the search engines, you also face problems associated with another website owning the original content. They may reach out to you with a cease and desist, and request that you take the information down.

You can conduct sweeps of your website to verify that the information posted is 100% original. Your website will not be highly ranked if you have duplicate content, so using a tool like can help to flag potential duplicate content and to give you the best possible chance to remove it as soon as possible. If you do already have duplicate content on your website, here are a couple of tips you need to implement:

  • Immediately conduct a sweep to identify whether or not this was the only piece of duplicate content or whether you have numerous problems throughout your website.
  • Take down the information right away. The longer you leave this information up on your website, the more problematic it will be.
  • Do not expect instant results as soon as you remove the content itself. It takes time for the search engines to catch up with changes on your website, and if you were already dinged for duplicate content it can be some time until you bounce back to being able to find your website highly ranked.
  • Develop a comprehensive content marketing plan. One of the most important things you can do after identifying duplicate content is to set aside time to develop a content marketing plan for you to create your own original content. If you don't have the time or the ability to do this on your own, hire a legal SEO blog writer, who can help you by providing high quality and regular content on your website.

Implementing these tips signals the search engines that you are no longer engaged in the publication of duplicate content, and over time, will really stack up to empower you with the right information to transmit to the search engines that your website deserves to be highly ranked.

Duplicate content should be caught immediately and removed. Doing regular audits of your website is the best way to avoid problems with duplicate content.