Stop Using The Same Wash and Repeat Landing Pages for Law Firm Marketing

Stop Using The Same Wash and Repeat Landing Pages for Law Firm Marketing.png

Back in the day, writing an extensive landing page that had 3,000 or 4,000 words on it to address the varying concerns of your prospective client was the way to go. In fact, these landing pages started popping up everywhere.

You could find the main competitors in a specific geographic area like a big city, all competing with one another, having the same essential information on these landing pages.

The truth is that the internet is crowded these days and this has never been truer than for attorneys specifically. Wash and repeat landing pages that may have done the trick in the past aren't even worth your pay per click money.

If you intend to conquer landing pages, you need to provide a personalized approach and unique information that speaks directly to your ideal client. Landing pages can still be valuable for your firm, but they need to be written in a different way.

Landing pages should address the legal issue in question holistically, such as some of the commonly asked questions brought forward by prospective clients, the legal issues in your geographic area and state, and include a personal perspective about how your law firm can directly help them.


Tap into Client’s Emotions at the Time of Their Research

The landing page writer should consider the individual's emotional state at the time they land on the page.

They are likely frustrated, angry, concerned, confused, or a combination of other emotions. Tap into what a prospective client is feeling when they initially contact your office or come in for an initial consultation.

By writing a landing page that appeals directly to the emotional state of the reader at the time of the problem, you dramatically increase your chances of being able to convert this person on a landing page alone. Remember a landing page is essentially written text.

It is a limited opportunity to connect directly with your ideal client or to show them that you have the experience and professionalism to help them resolve their legal issue in a timely fashion. For this reason, you need to approach the landing page with the reader in mind at all times.

This is not the appropriate place to advertise all of your firm's achievements. Instead, show them that you care about their concerns and are committed to doing everything possible to help them at their greatest time of need.