Cut the Self-Serving Blog Posts: Introducing Subtle References to Law Firm Achievements in Law Firm Blogs


After receiving any kind of distinction or achievement, it's natural for a law firm to want to celebrate this accomplishment and tell current and prospective clients about the issue. Unfortunately however, too many self-serving blog posts exist on law firm websites that go beyond what is necessary.


The Right Way to Mention Firm Achievements on Your Website and Legal Blog

Subtly celebrating your achievements and clearly documenting these throughout your website as well as on the LinkedIn profiles of any practicing attorneys is one way to cover your bases and celebrate these achievements without making it be too much. Blog posts are rarely the location where clients will want to show up to learn more about firm achievements.

You can mention these subtly in one line of the blog post but an entire piece of content or page of the website does not need to be dedicated to the firm's most recent achievement. You might include the reference to the law firm's achievements in a subtle call to action at the end of a blog post.

Blog posts are designed to provide information to prospective clients. This can come in the form of relevant local news affecting your clients, answers to frequently asked questions brought to you by your clients and the community at large, and details about typical processes in the legal system for which your clients come to you. Self-serving blog posts however, do more harm than good because they can come across as celebrating only your major achievements.


Think About the Client Perspective Before Blogging

Remember that clients are primarily interested in themselves. That means they want to see outcomes and successes that directly relate to their type of case. Hearing that you were successful in settling someone's case outside of court might be the right thing for someone to read on your law firm's website and this may hold much more traction than reading that you were awarded an online distinction.

At the end of the day, clients are people and people who are encountering legal problems at the moment. They want reassurance that their needs will be taken care of in full and that they will receive the respect and personalized attention only an experienced law firm can offer.

Referencing your firm's accomplishments on the About Us page of your website is one way to honor the achievements of individual attorneys and the firm as a whole without cutting into your overall blogging content strategy.

A blog for a law firm should be crafted carefully with the end needs of the reader in mind. That means your reader is unlikely to benefit much from a blog post that celebrates your most recent accomplishment. Rather a press release may be the more appropriate avenue to get the SEO traction and local news coverage of this accomplishment.