How to Cover Local News in the Right Way for Your Legal Blog

How to Cover Local News in the Right Way for Your Legal Blog.png

One of the most powerful marketing strategies for legal bloggers and law firms is using local news.

This is because it directly targets the geographic keywords about which your firm needs to rank for. Furthermore, it's covering relevant industry topics and showing that the law firm is knowledgeable about emerging issues in the field. Writing about local news is one of my favorite ways to cover legal SEO content writing.

It's highly relevant for my clients as well as for their prospective readers who may be searching these terms and looking for help with legal issues in particular geographic areas.

Local news can cover a number of different types of topics and provides constant fodder for your legal blog. It also makes great for social media sharing and positions you as a leader in the industry who cares about what's going on in the community. Let's talk about how to use local news based on your legal blogging type. Some examples include:

  • Personal injury attorneys can reference relevant accidents, studies being completed by authorities about dangerous intersections, how particular cases have unfolded and led to a settlement, or new developments with local universities regarding treatments for accident victims.
  • Divorce. A divorce lawyer's blog can cover new changes in the laws or interpretations of the laws coming down in local, regional and state divorce courts.
  • Bankruptcy blogs. A bankruptcy lawyer can discuss how many people received financial counselling in the area, new programs and developments that are designed to help people get their financial lives back on track and other relevant financial planning tips and details.

Local news must always be covered in an appropriate way so that you do not violate someone's privacy. The most problematic aspect of writing about local news for a legal blog comes when you are talking about a pending case. Sharing that someone was recently arrested for a crime on a criminal defense lawyer's blog could lead to a follow up letter from that individual's legal representative asking you to take it down.


Watch Out for These Local News Pitfalls with Your Legal Blog

It's far better to avoid covering cases when you can or only to cover them when they have been officially closed out and are a matter of public record or have already been discussed in the press.

The appropriate way to address legal marketing is to keep an eye towards what your audience is most interested in reading. Hiring a legal SEO content writer to assist you with the process of pulling together local news in conjunction with other key material that helps you rank positively on Google for your law firm is a powerful strategy to get the most bang for your buck.