About Pages That Work for Law Firms: What to Include


You need to keep in mind that your About page for your law firm telegraphs a lot about you to prospective clients. It also signals the search engines regarding the keywords you use in combination with all of the various firm background and references you include. 

A solid About page for a law firm needs to include multiple different components. It should tell more about the firm's philosophy and how they approach interactions with clients and their cases. Many people are nervous about hiring attorneys because they fear the expense and the attorney's overall demeanor and willingness to communicate the case updates. 

An About page is your opportunity to signal your education and experience and how that combines with the firm's philosophy to put client needs at the utmost priority. When you have a clear About page written for your law firm, you can communicate many different factors about the firm itself and greatly increase your chances of connecting with your ideal audience. What follows is some overview information about what to include on your law firm's About page. 


What to Include on your About page

Remember that if you do not have the time, interest, or ability to craft this piece of content for your legal website or your blog, you can outsource it to a legal content writer who is thoroughly experienced and working in the field. The areas to include on your About page are:

  • Introduction to the firm. This should be a couple of sentences explaining the firm's history, such as when it was founded, and the primary areas of practice for which attorney time is focused.
  • How many attorneys are in the practice. 
  • The overall philosophy and mission behind the firm that guides interactions with clients and development of a strategy for individual cases. 
  • Any awards the firm has received or distinctions in the region, state or across the country.


The About page should include individual accomplishments as well as firm-wide accomplishments. 

You may be reiterating information that is already shared on the pages of your legal website but it does not hurt to highlight when people have given outside social proof. Much like testimonials on a website such as Avo.com, your About page is your opportunity to highlight once again the distinctions and unique factors that separate you from many of the other law firms on the market.  

Need help writing your about page or other pieces of content on your page?

Set aside time to talk to an experienced legal SEO freelance writer. The right freelance legal writer can help you craft an About page that presents your firm effectively and professionally.