How to Make Your Law Firm's Content Shareworthy


Most of the common reasons that a law firm even thinks about putting together legal content is because they want their website to rank in Google and other search engines.

This is a worthwhile goal and in fact, one of the reasons I'm still in business as a legal content writer today. However, you want to also consider the extra step of getting your law firm's content to be shareworthy.

The more you can increase your shareability or the viral nature of the information you generate on your website, the easier it will be for you to build up relationships with guest posting situations and more. Many law firms are looking to expand their marketing activities as broadly as possible and this can be difficult if you don't have the support of an experienced legal SEO writer.


Where Most Law Firms Fall Flat with Shareworthy Content

When you want your content to be shareworthy, it needs to include interesting tips or recaps on very recent studies. Content that is shareworthy does not take the approach of focusing entirely on the law firm's ability to talk about how great you are. While it's certainly true that your team of attorneys is highly experienced and a cornerstone in a must-consider-firm practice area, your content being shared by others is much more likely to happen if you put in interesting or unique spin.


A Case Study: A Shareworthy Post

Let's take an example from one of my clients who received great shareability and guest post opportunities because of an issue about two years ago.

Two years ago, in the summer, one of my clients wrote a thought-provoking blog about Pokémon Go, the new game that was all the rage. Pokémon Go was getting people walking and driving just about anywhere to play the game on their phone.

However, one of the challenges with this was that it was leading to a number of pedestrian and vehicle accidents. Rather than focusing specifically on what someone should do after they have been in an accident with Pokémon Go, the article was a thought-provoking in-depth piece about how American society has changed to be more focused on their phones and how this has been detrimental not just for family relationships but also for accidents and injuries.

By taking a unique spin on a popular subject, the client was able to become a thought leader in the field and had a lot of shares because of the controversial nature of the subject itself.  

Do you need help with your content marketing for your law firm? You need the services of an experienced legal SEO writer. 

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