Infusing Your Law Firm's Content with Voice and Tone


One of the leading reasons why law firms are hesitant to outsource their content development to a legal SEO writer is because they are concerned about the voice and tone of the firm coming across clearly. The voice and the tone of your firm will signal to a prospective reader the unique value proposition that you get to the table.

For example, if you are known as an assertive team of lawyers who is not afraid to go to litigation, every aspect of the content developed for your website should include reference to this. If you are more of a sympathetic legal team who makes an effort to forge a personal connection with every one of your clients, likewise the tone and voice of your content should reflect this.


How to Get Help with Voice and Tone on Your Website

An initial phone call with the legal SEO writer can help you clarify whether or not this person is the right one for you. Legal SEO content writers are often highly experienced in adapting to the tone and voice of your law firm. They should do research by talking to you specifically or reading the existing content on your website to understand what makes you different from your competition.

These highlights should always be included throughout the pieces generated by your legal content writer. You may need to provide initial feedback as the relationship unfolds because the content writer will not have had enough extensive experience yet to understand your specific needs.


Reinforce Guidelines and Rules

Gentle feedback and reminders can help to clarify guidelines going forward. Perhaps, for example, you'd like every one of your blogs to focus on the fact that you've been in practice for quite a long period of time.

This can be referenced in so many different ways in sentence structures that it provides endless opportunities for a legal content writer to establish this unique value proposition. The more your unique value proposition is clear and strongly branded with the overall nature of your law firm, the easier it will be for people to associate your name and your firm with the brand created.   

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