How to Get Started with a Content Marketing Strategy for Your Law Firm


Most attorneys recognize that they could benefit from a content marketing strategy, but there's a good chance you might not even know where to start. If that's you, you're not alone.

Despite the fact that content marketing has revolutionized the legal industry in recent years, there are plenty of law firms that don't have any content marketing strategy or their content marketing strategy is referring to a handful of blogs thrown up at one point in time and then ignored for the following weeks and months.

The good news is that the establishment of a content marketing strategy can be a multi-pronged effort in order to achieve better leads from Google, to rank your website more effectively in search engines, to speak directly to your ideal clients about the unique value proposition your firm provides, and to establish an ongoing engagement effort with those prospective clients.

The more clients who enjoy and see your content, the higher the chances are that they’ll take your desired action on the website.

The more clients who enjoy and see your content, thanks to your higher Google rankings, the higher the chances are that they'll take your desired action on the website, whether that's filling out a chat form, scheduling a phone call, or requesting further information to speak with an attorney.

If you've never established a content marketing strategy before, this can easily feel overwhelming. Thankfully, it can be outsourced to a content marketing strategist who is highly knowledgeable about the legal industry and one who can take over the reins and make this as effective as possible for you and your individual firm.


How to Identify a Content Strategist in the Legal Industry

A content marketing strategist should be someone who has some form of connection with the legal industry. It could be a former paralegal, attorney, legal researcher, or someone who's been writing in the legal field for many years. The reason that you want to hire a content marketing strategist who has extensive experience in the legal realm is because of all of the ethical and practical considerations involved in developing content that is posted on your website and blog.

Far too many attorneys have received everything from cease and desist letters to take down notices from Getty Images because either internal staff or freelancers hired to manage a content marketing strategy who didn't understand the additional guidelines that law firms must meet have put the law firm in harm's way.

Hiring someone who has expertise in this area and who understands what law firms can and cannot do and can and cannot say, can help you to avoid many of these problems to begin with.


Determining the Goals of Your Content Marketing Strategy

Thankfully, a content marketing strategy can address multiple goals at once and many law firms are able to achieve this successfully when outsourcing to the right content strategist. Perhaps your primary goal is to bring in additional leads to your website, but what if that content also served the purpose of generating buzz around your firm in the local area, ranking you more effectively in your geographic region and prompting engagement from prospective consumers, such as filling out a chat form or leaving a comment on an individual blog.

All of these would have positive benefits for your law firm that could increase your ability to convert those prospective clients into paying clients.

Having content that achieves multiple goals at once gives you the best possible mileage out of everything that you pay to create.

A good legal content strategist will ensure that each piece of content is tailored to the individual audience it is intended to serve in the most effective way. Having content that achieves multiple goals at once gives you the best possible mileage out of everything that you pay to create.


What Goes into a Content Marketing Strategy?

Each law firm will have individualized goals for their content marketing strategy and if you are not sure where to start, this is where the strategist picks up. Your content marketing strategy should include things like:

  • Static content such as that on your practice area pages.
  • Updated content such as your blog or a newsfeed.
  • How this information published on your website will be translated to social media.
  • Press releases.
  • Email newsletters.
  • Guides, eBooks and other tools that you provide to prospective clients as a means of initiating the conversation and building trust.

You may choose one, some or all of these various components in order to contribute to your legal content marketing strategy, and hiring the right legal content strategist will assist with each phase of this as effectively as possible. Working with your legal content strategist, you will be able to develop a customized plan that achieves the end goals for you and addresses your ideal audience.

Your content strategist will sit down and better understand the tone and unique value proposition of your law firm so that it is woven into every piece of content created.

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