Just How Much Experience Does Your Legal Copywriter Need to Have?


Legal, like medical, technical, software and a few other industries, makes it all the more important to retain a copywriter for outsourcing projects who has extensive experience in the field. Whereas other more generalized niches allow for some room to work with newbies or people who perhaps aren’t that familiar with the detailed aspects of content marketing for your business, the same is not true in legal.

Many clients who come to me lament that they hired someone who didn’t have the appropriate experience or even someone who seemingly did have the experience such as a law student or a paralegal, but for whom other critical issues were missing.

Understanding just how much experience your legal copywriter needs to have and how to evaluate this in his or her writing samples can help you avoid headaches, contracts ended far too early and many of the other most common challenges presented in working with a legal copywriter. The support of the right legal copywriter eliminates many problems and makes things much easier for you to outsource quickly and effectively.

Especially if you want your content to rank in search engines, you’re looking for a very specific copywriter who has experience writing for law firms. All legal copy, including your website content, your social media, and your blog posts should be crafted by someone who knows the legal industry and online marketing must-dos.

Understanding Experience

You do not need to hire a previous JD when outsourcing your legal content projects. In fact, most attorneys are not comfortable in hiring a former JD or current JD, particularly if that attorney is still practicing. This could be viewed as a competitor, and sharing some of the inside secrets of how you run your business and schedule your content marketing strategy might be uncomfortable. After all, it’s your law firm, and a copywriter is bound to see or have access to inside knowledge about your practice.

Although an experienced attorney might understand the legal and technical aspects about which he or she is writing, there's also a strong chance that they don’t have the necessary copywriting skills to survive and thrive when writing a piece for you. The question then becomes, who do you hire who has the appropriate legal experience in order to tackle these complicated subjects.

Why Hiring an Experienced Legal Industry Professional Is Necessary?

It goes without saying that your business online is about more than just marketing to your ideal clients. There is a good chance that your state and your state bar might have specific rules about what you can and cannot say.

For this reason, it is imperative that you hire a copywriter who understands these nuances and is committed to writing things appropriately and accurately. Information that reflects outdated state laws, uses advertising terminologies such as expert or specialist, and a lack of understanding about the terms that your state uses for particular issues like alimony versus spousal support can have a big impact on how you are viewed by your end client.

Furthermore, it can land you in hot water with committees on ethics at your state bar or other people who report you for failing to follow the law. The details matter when it comes to copywriting for your legal website, so ensure that whoever you hire has some type of experience in the legal field.


Paralegals are another top choice for working with as a legal copywriter. However, you will want to ensure that the paralegal has appropriate copywriting experience and understands the ins and outs of marketing online to reach your target audience.

Paralegals should possess this additional knowledge; including the specifics of copywriting, how to use search engine optimization to rank your website and speaking to your target audience. Writing and editing legal documents such as briefs is quite different from legal copywriting, so verify that your intended writer has the right experience to understand what you are hoping to accomplish.

Law Students

Law students certainly have a higher than average knowledge about issues in the legal industry and the terminology reference. However, without additional copywriting training or experience working with other attorneys on copywriting projects, they might not be able to capture the true essence of what you are trying to get across.

Good legal copywriting shares information, addresses user concerns, and complies with general ethical guidelines and state rules about what is allowed on your blog, on your website, in your newsletter, or in printed brochures. Finding the perfect blend of all of these signals to you that you have landed on an ideal legal copywriter.

A Legal Copywriter

Someone who brands themselves as a legal blog writer, legal copywriter, legal SEO writer or similar professional will be able to help you because of their advanced knowledge in working with this particular industry and because of their expertise in the realm of writing. Look for someone who has a passion for the legal industry or has past experience working as a paralegal, as a law student, as an attorney directly, as a legal researcher or someone who is just passionate about the law and has spent many years writing about the law, and in and around the law.

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