Should Your Legal Writer Be the One Picking Blog or Newsletter Titles?

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When outsourcing copywriting to an experienced legal writer, there is a natural hesitation about hiring someone who is a complete stranger. However, properly vetting your legal copywriter to ensure he or she has the appropriate experience, can reduce some of these fears and help you to gain confidence and trust as you build a relationship with an experienced legal writer.

One of the most common questions presented by attorneys who are new to the concept of outsourcing their digital marketing, is whether or not the attorney, a digital marketing agency or the writer themselves should be selecting the blog or newsletter titles.

When to Select the Titles Yourself

If you are targeting a specific campaign, such as growing into a new practice area or establishing a new office location and geographic target, you might want to provide some basic recommendations on titles and keyword selections.

This can be enough information for an experienced legal copywriter to take and run with in establishing your written materials.

When you wish to have a specific item added to your website, for example, you should clarify exactly what should be included and should not, even if this is only a couple of bullet points.

If you already have an established relationship with a legal copywriter, it's easier to say that you need a specific page and to allow them to do the necessary research to identify a good headline.

Being too overbearing can be difficult and confusing for a legal copywriter, but at the outset of your new relationship, identifying titles and then asking for recommendations from your legal writer can clarify whether or not they understand your firm and your goals well enough to create this on your own.

Using an Outside Party to Select Your Blog Titles

Some law firms will have already partnered with a search engine optimization company or a general digital marketing firm that does not provide writing services.

Where possible, it can make the writer's job easier to provide a report of keywords for focus or blogs and pages that are currently performing well on the website. This is a good place to start with as a legal copywriter to begin creating a plan around what's already working and where the attorney intends to go.

Beware of using a digital marketing agency to outline an entire content marketing plan, unless they are thoroughly experienced in search engine optimization. Targeting generic keyword terms, for example, is unlikely to be successful and a writer will probably point this out if this is the direction they receive from the marketing agency.

When to Allow the Writer to Choose the Blog Titles Directly

Over 90% of my legal copywriting clients ask me to come up with the blog titles for them.

Since I have been working with most of these clients for several years at a time, I understand their law firm, their geographic area, their practice areas, and updates in their legal industry, enough to create titles that are relevant, timely, and thoroughly researched.

This takes everything about the digital marketing equation off the plate of my clients and enables them to see how I can help them most of effectively. When partnering with a new legal copywriter, ask them directly whether or not they’re able to provide titles to you.

If you’re not yet comfortable in handing over this task entirely, ask your legal copywriter to suggest a handful of prospective blog titles or website practice areas to add to your page based on their conversation with you.

This will tell you a lot about the legal copywriter’s ability to hear your individual needs and to translate that into a content marketing strategy. When you have an established relationship with a legal copywriter you trust, you can most likely pull yourself out of this equation even further by asking the legal copywriter to take complete charge over this process.