Isn’t It Too Competitive Online to Blog for My Law Firm?


Every so often, I'll encounter an attorney who hasn’t thrown their hat into the ring for blogging services because they are concerned that it’s too competitive. The truth is that it certainly has become more competitive in recent years as more lawyers are recognizing the need for optimized on site content and regular updates in the form of a blog.

You can't afford to be left behind because a user landing on an un-updated website that doesn’t have appropriate copy and doesn’t speak directly to their needs at the time they landed there, is likely to leave quickly and visit the site of another attorney. The truth is that you really do need to blog, and that content is the leading way to signal to Google that your site is high quality and valuable for your ideal clients.

Yes, It’s Competitive- But You Can’t Opt Out Without Consequences 

Although things have become more competitive in recent years, this only heightens the need why you need to gain an edge on your competitors by blogging in the right way.

Many people who are posting regularly to their blog are not doing so in a manner that speaks to Google's updated algorithms and therefore, this is your opportunity not just to catch up, but to possibly surpass them in search engine rankings. Having a targeted and strategic search engine optimization blog approach can help you accomplish all of your goals.

How to Accomplish Blogging Without Hard Work on Your End

You’ve got enough to do, right? Every lawyer has a full plate, and the last thing you want to do is try to master some other form of marketing.

If this seems difficult to handle on your own or if you have been blogging internally and haven’t seen the results you have hoped for, it might be time to partner with a legal SEO writer who is knowledgeable about the process and who can ensure that your site is always the most up to date with where it needs to be.

A legal SEO blog writer will have extensive experience in this field and will be ready to adapt your blog as needed. Every so often, you'll need to re-tool your strategy and consider whether your current legal blog is making the impact you had hoped for. Your legal blog should be drawing in regular business to your firm and leading people to targeted landing pages that speak directly to their needs at the time of visiting your website.

An experienced legal SEO blog writer will do most of the keyword research for you and ensure that local geographic tags are included as needed, so that your ideal clients are landing specifically on the pages most relevant to where you'd like to grow your practice areas.

Although things have become more competitive as more attorneys have recognized the need for search engine optimized blogging, you can’t afford to ignore blogging altogether. Even if you have an established pipeline of referrals and other ways to grow your business, blogging is the best opportunity to form a connection with your prospective clients before you work together.