Legal Copy Versus Legal SEO Content: What's the Difference?


So you're thinking about hiring a legal writer but you're not sure which direction you need to go or even what to title this job post.

You'll find legal researchers, writers, and other professional legal content strategists all over the internet but understanding which one should be hired for your firm is a matter of deciding your overall purpose.

Copywriters provide a broad range of content services

In general, copywriters provide content services for a variety of different types of purposes. For example, your copywriter might be creating a marketing brochure you intend to print and distribute at in-person meetings or networking events one day and reviewing an e-book you intend to create and provide for free as an email opt-in the next. These writers have broad writing skills that are all based on their understanding of your firm's tone, voice and overall style.

Copywriters are versatile experts who are knowledgeable about how to use words to help you connect with your ideal audience. Many legal copywriters use this designation because they like to work on a variety of different projects and consider themselves highly adaptable to the project at hand.

SEO writers specialize in Google ranking

Legal SEO writers might also have some copywriting experience and expertise, but SEO writers are specifically versed in how to help your content rank for Google.

Any law firm should be mindful of the search engine optimization tactics that can be used on static pages, as well as dynamic pages like blogs, to help draw in ideal clients.

These pieces of content serve two purposes.

The first is targeting the end reader, or the person who is currently experiencing a legal crisis that might prompt them to call you.

At the same time, however, the content is also accomplishing a secondary goal of speaking to the search engines by telling search engines what the site is about and indicating that you regularly post high quality content, you have a higher chance of your law firm growing in the rankings.

That means that for particular search keywords, whether these are general areas of practice, common legal problems clients are facing, or geographic terms targeted to your local area that your site will come up in a high location on the search engine ranking and land those ideal customers on your website.

Make sure to ask your copywriter or SEO content writer which of these skills or both that he or she feels is in their primary domain and level of expertise. Many SEO writers have completed advanced certifications or many years of writing search engine optimization content and therefore have a stronger technical understanding of what it takes to rank content.

They will use pieces of software and keyword analysis to ensure that each piece posted to your site is optimized for search engines as much as possible.

Whether you need to hire a legal content writer who has a copywriting background, or someone specifically versed in SEO copywriting, analyzing your individual goals as a first step will help give you a direction for where to go.

If you recognize that your writing needs have grown beyond what you can handle in the firm, it's a good idea to partner with an outside professional who is knowledgeable about online content marketing strategies. A legal content writer, SEO writer, or legal copywriter can help you identify your individual content marketing goals and the plan to get there.