How to Improve Your Law Firm Bounce Rate with Better Titles


Here's a little tip for law firms out there. If you have amazing content posted on your site but the title of the blog isn't drawing in prospective readers, you're missing out on an amazing opportunity. If that’s the case, you are probably seeing this in your Google Analytics or hearing about it from your SEO team, referred to as a bounce rate. Your bounce rate is the number of people who land on your site, look at things quickly and then bounce right away. They don't find what they were looking for. Perhaps it's that the design of your website is really disorganized, unclear or uses colors that are very confusing or hard on the eyes. Maybe it's that the content is too long, poorly written, or not structured for online readers.

Craft Headlines Based on Your Reader

The good news is that you can take steps to improve your bounce rate.  Headlines and titles are one of the easiest ways to capture readers who are constantly distracted in a world in which we are being hit with advertising and content from every different direction. Headlines and titles make a huge difference in getting a person to read the rest of the page. When you're crafting titles, you not only want to think about the SEO keywords that you want to focus on in the post but think about how people actually talk. What are they entering into a search engine?  

Old tactics of search engine optimization, like focusing on really short keywords (i.e., “bike accident lawyer”), are not going to be effective. Many people today are using voice search or are searching from their phones. They are searching things like “how to find a bike accident lawyer?” or “When do I need to hire a bike accident lawyer?”  

The search intent might be the same for someone who looked for “bike accident lawyer” in the past but we are now trying to match with the way that Google has evolved and meet the user where they are at with exactly what they are looking for.

Another example: don’t use a title like “our law firm is hosting a summer event.” I see a lot of blogs like that with law firms. The title is awful – nobody wants to read it, and it has nothing to do with the prospective client that has landed on the site or the search times that a prospective client is actually using.

Instead, you want to reach that reader exactly where they are in that moment. What challenges do they have? What questions do they have? What concerns are coming to the table where they are even thinking about hiring a lawyer? Tweaking titles and thinking about how a person would actually search - not you the lawyer, but how your clients would search, using the words that they use, the phrases that they use, and the common pain and pressure points that they use - is going to be very important.  

Use Your Geographic Area for Extra Relevance 

Let’s say you’re writing for a DUI blog.  A common concern for somebody who is being arrested on their third offense DUI is whether that automatically means jail, so we don't want to write a headline like “consequences for third offense DUI.” While that might help a little bit, it’s very oversaturated in the market because – there are a lot of blogs out there with that keyword phrase. Instead, let's tweak that to “do I have to go to jail for my third offense DUI?” or “is jail mandatory for my third offense DUI?” and insert your geographic area immediately after that.

When we make these, we are still talking about the same topics in those blogs, but the headline and title tells the reader exactly what the blog is about and answers a question that they were searching for.

 Think about how you can improve your titles or better yet, outsource the titles and content creation to an expert legal SEO writer.