How to Align Law Firm Blog Content With Your Target Audience


Here's a helpful tip for law firms that are thinking about jumping into the online marketing world using content strategy and content creation. Too many attorneys try to take on the process of content creation on their own and, well, they write like attorneys, which means that they are not meeting the reader where the reader is at the time that the reader is landing on the website.

Create Content that is Easy to Understand and Navigate

If things are far too technical, disorganized, or even jumbled because of the website design, any prospective client that lands on your site is going to think twice about whether or not to work with you. They almost might even feel like you're talking down to them, being condescending or it's too confusing and they decide that it's just not the right fit to partner with you. That's true even if all of the material on the website is completely accurate and addresses some of the issues that they might face in their case.

Create Content that Speaks to the Reader’s Frame of Mind

Everything should be tweaked to speak to the end reader. Your content should meet them with the psychological experience they are currently having: are they scared, concerned? They may even be ignoring the legal situation, or thinking that they don’t need a lawyer.

Keeping all of those factors in mind is really helpful when creating content that is designed to speak to both the search engine as well as the end reader. It is the only way to have really effective website content because it's not just about the reading what's on your site. You want them to take action after that. We want them to click open a chat box or schedule a phone call or maybe visit some other resources on your page.

Show That You Understand and Are There to Help

If you can't present yourself as an effective communicator on the site when they land there, then they are going to struggle with whether or not they even want to stay on the site, which definitely affects your bounce rate. They won't look around at the other material you have. They won't schedule a consultation with you. Instead they are going to leave the site very quickly because they are confused or even worse, they feel like you're acting as though you're better than they are. Someone who is in the position of already feeling nervous and anxious about a legal situation wants to know that you understand what they're going through and that you're there to help them.

Of course, you want to present yourself as a professional who is highly knowledgeable in your practice area. But you also want to tweak your language to make sure that it meets up with how readers consume content today. Really long paragraphs, highly technical terms, no sub headers or images – these are all problems that I see often in law firm website content and it is really keeping those firms from being able to effectively connect with the prospective clients.

Working with an experienced legal content writer can help you ensure that your content is aligned with your target client.