When is it Time to Outsource Your Legal Website Content?


As a busy attorney or even the owner of a law firm or the marketing manager for the firm, you know you need a content strategy but you probably don't have time to create one and aren't interested or able to invest the time and resources to figure all of that out on your own. This is a key sign that it's the perfect opportunity to outsource your legal content creation.

The truth is that law firms have realized that it is so important to have a website that communicates to search engines as well as drives in local traffic. Having an effective content strategy that is mapped out throughout your site and remains consistent draws in your prospective clients, hooks them and gets them interested in following you. It also has the added benefit of positioning you as a thought leader and highly knowledgeable professional in your practice areas.

But if you haven't used a content strategy before or if maybe you posted a few practice areas or your blog was updated twice in the last six months, you knew that you needed to start but you weren't able to keep up with it. As soon as you recognize how important this can be for the firm, now is the time to think about outsourcing that legal website content.

Website content cannot be effective if it isn't written properly and if materials like your blog are not updated regularly. These are two of the most important signals that are sent to search engines about the quality of your overall site and they help your law firm's website to rank in the search engines so that when someone hits up Google to look for a lawyer in their area, your site stands head and shoulders above the rest.

You might even be thinking about outsourcing legal content because some of your competitors in your geographic area are beating you head and shoulders by showing up ranking in the top spot or the top page of Google. That's where most attorneys want to be. The more competitive your geographic region, the harder it is to rank on that page and you can't do it without effective and regularly updated content.

If you've tried to create a content strategy before and it hasn't been successful because you couldn't keep up with it or if you were confused by the concept of creating a content strategy, now is a great opportunity for you to outsource that to a legal SEO writer and legal content strategist. This means that you do not have to worry about the quality of your site being affected, you're going to get high quality content that is not duplicated or doesn't cause any problems directly with Google and other search engines, and it's also going to communicate your practice areas, your brand specialties, and in your geographic region. If you could pass all that off to a legal SEO content writer and not have to worry about keeping your blog maintained, that would be a huge task off of your to-do list.

A lot of law firms are nervous about outsourcing to freelancers because they are concerned about quality. I recommend partnering with a legal freelancer who has some experience in the legal field. For example, prior to becoming a full time SEO content writer for a law firm seven years ago, I spent ten years working in law offices as a research assistant and doing some paralegal stuff as well. That means that I understand the do's and don'ts of legal content marketing. That's something you definitely want to look for when partnering with a firm. Not all legal writers are created equal. Do your research, make sure you review the legal writer’s samples to ensure that the style and tone match up with what you are looking for. That's another huge disconnect when outsourcing to a content creator. Best of luck!