Proper Positioning for Law Firm Content: How Much to Talk About You and Your Firm?


Every so often I come across a law firm blog that focuses almost exclusively on news relevant to the firm. While it’s a good idea to share updates about outstanding case results or a new award received by someone in the practice, focusing too much on you and your firm makes it difficult for clients to feel a connection with you.

Remember Readers Are Self-Interested

Readers today are presented with a plethora of information and advertising on an almost minute by minute basis. This means that it’s all too easy to scan something over and click away. You have lost your opportunity to form a connection and start building that know, like and trust relationship with a prospective client if you focus too much on yourself.

Whenever you speak about something related specifically to your firm, try to also back it up with additional information relevant to the reader. Readers are self-interested. After all, they are doing a Google search to try to find some information about a legal problem they are currently facing. This means that they don’t necessarily have the time or even the interest to learn all about your firm. They want to know that you have the professionalism and experience to be able to help them, but they are primarily looking for information about what could be on the line for them depending on the outcome of this legal issue.

What Are the Costs of Not Focusing Enough on the Reader’s Needs?

Spending too much time focusing on you and your law firm or even using "I" statements can turn away prospective clients who want to feel as though you care about them. Readers are looking for just enough details about you and your firm to know that you are the right people to handle this legal situation, but not so much that it feels like you are more interested in promoting your firm and business rather than representing clients.

Clients want to know they are in good hands, regardless of the type of legal issue they are facing. Your website content and your legal blog is the perfect opportunity to introduce your firm to these prospective clients while remaining focused on the key issues that the clients care about the most.

What Do Your Law Firm’s Clients Care About?

Clients care about:

  • Potential consequences or impacts on the line for the life depending on this legal issue.

  • The time period that they have to address this legal issue.

  • How an attorney can assist with handling a complex legal concern.

  • Next steps involved for someone who is thinking about retaining an attorney.

  • The psychological experience of going through this legal issue.

You can focus your law firm's blog and website content primarily on the end needs of the reader while briefly mentioning you and your firm's attorneys as appropriate.   

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