Creating FAQs: The Resource Page Your Law Firm is Missing


Have you typed into Google recently and noticed that much of the content produces short quick little blurbs as an attempt to answer your primary questions? This is because one of the directions that Google is going in is to give people quick but detailed responses since not every person will be looking for a long form blog post as an answer to their question.

Answer Boxes and FAQs Help with Short Responses

Google is definitely still refining their algorithms and systems for this to be as effective as possible, but a frequently asked questions page can be a great way to have your content considered for being pushed into these snippets. Furthermore, a frequently asked questions page is yet another opportunity to leverage your expertise and use of keywords throughout the piece.

How Do You Choose Which Questions to Feature?

Frequently asked questions can include those that are most popularly googled by your prospective clients as well as some of the questions that your clients bring to your office during an initial consultation. Frequently asked questions do not require in depth responses.

Usually 200-300 words is sufficient to answer the question at hand but posting all of these questions on one page gives your potential client the opportunity to better understand how you work and saves administrative time from these questions being asked of your front desk administrator or of you in a meeting.

These frequently asked questions pages are also highly likely to use the vocabulary that includes related keywords for your primary practice areas and target keywords. This is yet another opportunity to leverage keyword strategy and focus on the way that people tend to search to begin with.

Why Do FAQs Work?

Most people who are looking for information online, and this includes potential clients of the law firm, are likely to post questions into Google. By directly typing out these questions and following them with short answers you can position yourself ahead of your competition and solidify your website as a place for helpful information and as a resource hub through your FAQ page.

A frequently asked questions page could be created for each individual practice area on your site. For example, if you practice in both estate planning as well as bankruptcy, each of these practice areas should have their own distinct page with their own unique questions associated with that particular field. A person who is searching for help with bankruptcy will obviously have different questions than a person who is looking to put together a will.

Careful consideration of how you craft this frequently asked questions page can make it easy for people to quickly navigate to their question and to get a meaningful answer or to follow up with you for additional information and scheduling a consultation.      

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