Law Firms Can No Longer Afford to Ignore Content Marketing


Every so often, I come across an attorney managing a law firm who just isn’t comfortable with the concept of SEO. Perhaps they have even been burned in the past by hiring an SEO agency that didn't know what they were doing or simply outsource to cheap legal freelance writers who didn’t do the right research and didn’t realize that there are certain ethical guidelines that can’t be violated in a law firm's blog.

Even if a law firm has successfully long relied on other strategies for building their ongoing business, content marketing is becoming increasingly important as more people not only search but search from their phones.

Meeting Readers Where They’re At with Online Content

Research from Advanced Web Ranking found that the top result in Google searches can anticipate click through rates of around 30%. What’s so interesting about this number and why it’s so relevant for law firms in their content marketing strategy is that the rate declines significantly for those links underneath the top result. In fact, the fifth result for a given search keyword has a click through rate of only 5%. What does that mean for you?

People have shorter attention spans and are less likely to scroll down further into the Google search results to pick out a law firms they choose to partner with. Ranking order is now more important than ever before, which means that plenty of law firms have turned the paid route in an effort to use pay per click advertising like ad words to skip right to the top of the search results. But here is the problem. People don’t often trust these advertisements and scroll past them, never even glancing to capture the name of your law firm.

Organic Vs. Paid Results: It’s Worth the Wait

Readers today are still much more likely to trust organic search results and the only way to be successful in ranking your law firm organically is through a solid content marketing strategy. Another reason why it's beneficial to skip the pay to play model goes beyond the fact that your readers don’t even trust these results.

These key search terms have become more and more expensive, especially in competitive landscapes like personal injury. With general language terms, such as car accident or personal injury lawyer so competitive, now it’s much more expensive to even attempt to show up in the ad results for these key terms. And remember, those ad results probably still aren’t going to deliver what you were hoping for.

Can I Use Just A Content Strategy?

In order to not only attract more visitors to your website, but to attract the right kind of visitors to your law firm's site, content strategy only works with SEO. SEO gets into many different technical aspects of your site, such as the structure, coding, colors, length of content, and frequency of non evergreen content. Your website pages must be set up properly so that visitors can find them and so that Google will reward you in search engine rankings, but it’s not enough to stop there. You must also have content worth finding listed on your website. Even if Google is able to drive traffic to your page, if your site is so poorly set up or confusing, the searcher is likely to click away within a matter of a couple of seconds. This can be especially problematic for law firms that have invested a great deal in their search engine optimization strategies but weren’t able to partner with a firm who knew what they were doing.

Even having your navigation menu in the wrong place on your website can make it confusing for searchers to find the information they are looking for. They'll be all too happy to hit the back button and never visit your law firm's website again. As the law firm owner it's very likely that you might not even know that this is happening until a professional SEO expert informs you that your bounce rate is high.        

Stuck on where to go from here? Hire an experienced legal writer to help you get to the next level.