When Does It Make Sense to Hire a Freelance Legal Content Writer as Opposed to In-House?


One of the most common points of confusion for people who are thinking about hiring someone to assist with their writing is whether it makes sense to partner with a freelancer or hire someone in-house.

There's no doubt that in your law firm there may be some people who need to be on staff and working in person in order to help you process many of the materials, client phone calls and other forms of communication coming through. But the truth is that most law firms can benefit simply from partnering with an experienced freelance writer.

How Do Freelancers Save Me Time?

Freelancers can save law firms significant amounts of money because there's no benefits or salaries that need to be paid. Instead, law firms can partner directly with legal freelance writers to be able to accomplish the tasks most important and of an immediate nature. When the law firm no longer has a need for content writing or needs to adjust the schedule, this is easily done without impacting salary or having to terminate an employee.

Furthermore, no office space is needed when hiring a freelance writer. An in-house writer is likely to produce about the same amount per day as a freelance writer. The benefit, however, for a law firm is only paying for the freelance writer's produced content or time depending on the individual arrangement. Hiring in-house can be very problematic for law firms that don't have consistent ongoing needs for content writing. Most law firms do not have a need to develop the volume of content where it would make sense to retain an in-house writer.

Find a Partnership with a Legal Freelance Writer to Suit Your Needs

It could be very frustrating for your law firm to invest a great deal of time to hire someone to work on content in-house or wait for that person to leave and have to start all over again at square one. The difference here is that plenty of legal freelance writers are able to jump in and adapt to projects quickly.

They can scale up or scale down their workload depending on their individual schedule and your needs. This means that if you reach a certain point where you no longer need content, you don't have to have any awkward conversations with employees who might have been under the impression that they have a long term job.

Furthermore, as a law firm, you don't have to worry about any of the tax aspects of hiring a US freelancer other than getting a signed W9 and sending them a 1099 at the end of the year. Hiring an employee comes with all of the various bureaucratic rules that mean you must pay Medicare and social security taxes and keep them on payroll. You pay a freelance writer only for the contract of work that you and that person have agreed to. This means that you are not responsible for the payment of any benefits or taking care of associated taxes. The freelancer is responsible for managing taxes on their end and the amount of work it takes to collect and store a W9 and run a report at the end of the year to send them a 1099 is minimal in comparison. This makes it so much easier to take things off of your plate and to outsource them to a freelance writer who will handle these projects effectively.

Many freelance writers who work remotely are extremely self-disciplined, talented and capable of producing final pieces of content that are meaningful for your law firm. One of the most common hesitations for law firms thinking about hiring an in-house content writer versus a freelance writer is whether or not a freelance writer who hasn't met you in person will be able to adapt to your tone, brand and style of voice. Having a phone conversation with your freelance writer to kick off the project is one of the easiest ways to overcome this hurdle.

Freelance writers tend to be highly adaptable and will understand the unique facets of your brand that help distinguish you from your competitors. This means that you should be able to find these threads of thought throughout the written content produced by a freelance writer even if you've never met him or her in person. Hiring a freelance writer is not only easier in most cases but is much less expensive and can give you the peace of mind that you are partnering with the most talented and qualified person for the job regardless of his or her geographic location.    

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