How Can a Law Blog Help Your Law Firm?


Your law firm must stand out in an increasingly competitive landscape, especially if you are a criminal defense attorney or personal injury lawyer. Most of your competitors have probably already established websites and content marketing strategies, leveraging a blog. If you're falling behind or just aren't seeing the click throughs and client engagement in website visits that you were hoping for, now is the perfect time to create a law blog to capitalize on SEO tactics like keywords and proper use of links in your firm’s blog.

Using a Law Blog to Help Promote Your Law Firm’s Services and Unique Approach

Many attorneys who approach the concept of putting together a law blog for the first time don't realize how it can truly benefit their law firm. Several common mistakes made by attorneys in the process of establishing their law blog and publishing their first couple of posts could lead you to believe that the process isn't beneficial at all, and instead is a waste of time. This is largely due to viewing the purpose of a law blog in the incorrect manner.

Your law blog is not your company's opportunity to share firm news or highlight recent achievements. While one out of every several posts might explain something related to what's currently happening in your office, it's far more likely that your law blog will be targeted to your ideal customers. In fact, if you want to be successful with legal content marketing and send the right signals to the search engines as you're creating content, your law blog needs to be directly aligned to what your target customer needs.

Striking the perfect balance in your law blog means getting across your expertise and familiarity with the subject area, while not overwhelming or confusing the client. This means addressing questions and common topics of concern from the client's perspective and point of view. Using terminology and frequently asked questions that a client could bring to your office is a great way to approach this, because these are more than likely the topics and search engine keywords that your prospective clients are using to land on your website in the first place.

How to Create the Right Content for a Law Firm’s Blog

Consider many of the most common questions and challenges that your potential clients have when they first arrive in your office or pick up the phone to call you. These are great opportunities to expand on your knowledge and provide some action steps to clients who are in a sticky legal situation.

For example, a law blog designed for a criminal defense attorney would probably address the arrest procedures in your area, how long certain crimes show up on a background check, whether or not certain crimes can be expunged, and how to be prepared for what happens from the arraignment going forward.

All of these are key issues that you clients probably ask you about already. In providing this free and resourceful information on your law blog, you're not only helping clients who are curious about the process but you're establishing yourself as someone who is intimately familiar with what happens when someone is arrested for a crime in your local area.

While you certainly might hope that your ideal client will land on one of these individual blogs and decide to work with you, this isn't the only reason you're creating a law blog. In fact, you're attempting to establish your website as a hub of high quality and accurate information about your practice area for Google, while also providing these helpful details to your prospective clients who land on your site.

Those prospective clients can never land on your site after all if you haven't structured your website properly for search engine optimization purposes. Writing a blog that tells Google more about what your website is about by using advanced SEO tactics such as inbound and outbound linking, alt text, page structure, and primary and secondary keywords is the easiest way to approach the process of ensuring that your law blog positions you as a leader in the industry, draws in your ideal prospective clients in your practice area, and also tells Google what your overall website is about.

Benefits of Setting Up a Law Firm Blog Now

A law blog can help your law firm in multiple different ways, including:

  • Providing valuable information to your ideal clients in their greatest time of need.

  • Improving your search engine optimization, both in the current time and in the future as you add more links.

  • Positioning you as an authority in your space by showcasing your firm's information, professional nature, and individual approach to cases.

  • Telling clients that you're still regularly practicing in this area of law due to the volume of recent blog posts.       

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